New Relationship-Building Class Available through Inpatient Program

Addiction has the power to destroy relationships. Last month, we launched a new class focused on relationships and communication.

Joseph House program director Katie Waits speaks with Dwight, one of her clients.

“When our clients come to us, they typically have lost any support network that they had,” said Joseph House program director Katie Waits. “Many of their current friends and acquaintances are people they were using with or people who had enabled their addiction. Getting them out of that environment is a positive step toward recovery. Then comes rebuilding the healthy relationships in their lives, whether it’s with their kids, spouses, parents, you name it.”

The new class is held weekly and gives clients helpful tools to practice effective communication and what it looks like – whether communicating with a sponsor, family member, friend or significant other.

“A lot of the situations in my life were caused during my addiction,” said Steve Grevas, a Joseph House client who served in the Army for nearly eight years, including an 18-month tour in Iraq. “The classes have opened my eyes to how others perceive different situations. It has also helped me to be more empathetic to their feelings.”

“Our clients really enjoy the class,” Waits said. “Rebuilding relationships harmed by addiction requires extra attention. Many of our clients haven’t thought about effective communication, what it looks like and how it affects their lives.”

The new course is one of several available to our clients through our 90-day inpatient program. Other class topics include anger management, art therapy, equine therapy, relapse prevention, yoga and more.

Our inpatient program is available to male veterans through Medicaid or the VA’s Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem Program. To learn more, click here or call (513) 241-2965.

Client Steve Grevas says the new relationship and communication class has had a big impact on him during his recovery.