Honoring 20 Years of Service

After 20 years of service with Joseph House, executive assistant Bill Boone is entering a well-deserved chapter – retirement.

Executive Director Alicia Harter-Patterson and Bill Boone.

Boone first came to Joseph House in 1999 as a client. He turned to the organization for help with an alcohol addiction that was taking a major toll on his life. “The drinking caught up with me and I was let go from a job working in day labor,” Boone recalled. “I was sick and tired. I still have the gym shoes, shirt, jacket and the pants that I wore when I showed up at Joseph House. It reminds me where I have been.”

After successfully completing treatment, Boone began his tenure as a Joseph House employee on June 13, 2000. He remembers the date well and with good reason; June 13 is his birthday. The Army veteran worked the night desk and did maintenance work for the organization before assuming the position of executive assistant.

“One of the neat things about Bill is that he has advanced within the organization,” said Joseph House Executive Director Alicia Harter-Patterson. “He was a resident before he ever worked here. A great deal of our organization is based on our history and he knows the nuts and bolts of this place.”

As executive assistant, Boone accomplished a lot of behind-the-scenes work – helping clients start their days, facilitating the day-to-day functions of the building and leading the 12-step recovery program, one of the most commonly used treatment models.

“He serves as a living example to clients that they can heal and live a successful life,” Harter-Patterson said. “It lets them know that there is someone who has been in their shoes and truly understands them. Bill wants to see everyone succeed. In fact, several people have told me that, if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t be alive. His passion has played an integral role in helping others. He has a really good heart.”

“My best advice for anyone who comes through the doors of Joseph House is to show up with a purpose,” Boone said. “The organization will give you the tools you need. You must run with them. It’s not up to the counselors. It’s up to the individual. It’s never too late to learn. If you are willing to do the work, it will change your life. This place certainly changed mine.”

Friends, family, clients and colleagues celebrate Boone’s service to Joseph House.

Several clients, current and former colleagues, board members, friends and family recently gathered at Winton Woods to celebrate Bill’s successes, his service at Joseph House and the journey that lies ahead. Boone proudly shares that November 28, 2019, will mark 21-years sober for him. In this next chapter of retirement, he will continue to focus on his health and sobriety, and maybe do a little traveling.

“His service to Joseph House shows just how passionate and dedicated he is,” Harter-Patterson said. “It speaks volumes to how much he cares about other people. We wish Bill well in this next chapter. I hope that he keeps a close connection to us and continues to have a tremendous impact on others.”