Realizing it was Time for a Change

I am an Army veteran currently working as an intern at Joseph House. I am an artist/painter by trade.

My drug of choice is alcohol. Adjusting to civilian life after service was difficult. I relied on drinking to help cope but, in doing so, found myself going from job to job and in and out of rehab. For years, I denied that I had a problem. My track record showed otherwise.

My wife had enough of my addiction, and I sought help; I knew it was time for a change. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Joseph House that my life started to have meaning and purpose. In this last year, everything has come into focus. Joseph House welcomed me with open arms. My counselor, Brandon Cooper, and I established steps and realistic goals for a productive recovery. I followed the outlined courses and followed up on all my VA appointments.

Brandon informed me of a possible opportunity to help not only myself, but others, too. The Peer Support program, run by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, has proven to be an asset in my ongoing recovery. I achieved this certification in June 2022 which allows me to convey my own personal experiences to others who also suffer from the same addiction. The goal is to point them in a positive direction.

For any veteran in the area who struggles with addiction, I encourage you to check out Joseph House. It is a place that can and will walk with you on a path toward recovery. They will give you the tools to help in your sobriety if you are willing to work the program. Their staff has helped thousands of veterans. They truly care about the well-being of each and every client. Joseph House has helped me in so many ways. I am eternally grateful that I was introduced to the organization.

-Russell N.