Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually Broken

I came to Joseph House in May of 2019 from the Cincinnati VA Medical Center after a severe alcohol relapse. I was broken – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Joseph House has been helpful in supporting me while I restore my life. They are compassionate and understanding and provide a safe environment.

During my recovery journey, I was admitted to the VA for an infection. My Joseph House counselor visited me several times and assured me that I had a bed when I was released.

Recovery is not an easy process. The Joseph House team is so encouraging. I have lost 40 pounds, no longer need to take insulin and taking about a third of the medication that I once was.

I spend my days working on my recovery and am ready to face the hurdles that await me including going back to work and restoring my marriage and my relationship with my family.

Joseph House is giving me the love and support I need on my journey. The team here has saved my life.

-Joseph Cantwell, U.S. Army veteran