Harter talks veteran transitions on “This Week in Cincinnati”

Joseph House is an ally to veterans struggling with addiction and the transition back to civilian life. Alicia Harter, associate director at Joseph House, spoke with WCPO’s Craig McKee on “This Week in Cincinnati” to bring a new perspective to the discussion.

“I have a great respect for the military, the Marine Corps,” said Harter. “There are great men and women serving our country that have fallen on very difficult times. This is an opportunity for me to give back and bring both worlds together.”

With her experience as a U.S. Marine and professional background in counseling, Harter has high expectations for the veterans she serves. She understands the lifestyle that veterans are accustomed to, and what it takes to get clients in a mindset that allows them to be successful while seeking treatment and adjusting to new environments.

“[Veterans] had structure at one point,” said Harter. “Really identifying that and bringing them back in to a day-to-day [routine] – whatever their chore may be, getting them back on a sleep schedule – waking up and working together as a team, which they can all relate to in the military. It’s a campus. They’re coming to and from different buildings and working with one another while receiving treatment.”

Joseph House programming lasts up to a year with both in-patient and out-patient treatment. The agency’s comprehensive approach makes sure that clients not only get sober, but learn how to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle through community connections, employment opportunities and more.

“At the core of [our programming], every individual we serve is a veteran,” Harter added.

For more information, watch the full interview below: