Donor Spotlight: The Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation

The Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation is an independent private foundation established in 2004 by Elsa Sule. She was a native of Covington, Ky., who spent her life living and working in the region.

Elsa’s family was very generous, and she wanted her legacy and generosity to live on after her death. She created the foundation with the intent of helping people in Greater Cincinnati by focusing on education and the arts. Elsa passed away in January 2010, shortly after the foundation started to accept grant applications.

We sat down with Jordan Klette-Cusher, program officer at Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation, to discuss the foundation’s involvement with Joseph House. Get to know the foundation, in their own words:

Does your organization have a direct tie to veteran affairs?

Elsa’s father, Dr. Clifford N. Heisel, was a physician in the U.S. Army with the rank of captain during World War I. Her husband, Alader Sule, was a master sergeant in the U.S. Marines after college. She was very proud of their service to the United States.

When and how did you hear about Joseph House?

We heard about Joseph House in late 2015 through one of our board members, Frank Hicks, a retired lieutenant colonel and West Point graduate. We invited Joseph House to fill out an application for a grant to help support veterans. Nate (Pelletier) and his team applied for funding programs for veterans who suffer from addiction. We were impressed with the work when we made our site visit to learn more about the beneficiaries served.

After talking with Nate Pelletier, executive director at Joseph House, and hearing more about the program, we decided to grant the funding request. It’s clear that Nate has a sincere passion and vision for Joseph House and wants to help veterans suffering from addiction reach their full potential.

What drew you to Joseph House, as a place in need of support?

Joseph House fits nicely into the community aspect of our mission. It plays a vital role in the veteran community, especially those who have fallen on hard times. Through Joseph House programs, these veterans can revamp and revitalize their lives and become productive and happier individuals.

Joseph House is providing necessary services in the Cincinnati area that are, for the most part, overlooked and forgotten in the community. It provides veterans a safe place to stay, while offering clinical support and helping them get back on their feet.

Why do you donate to Joseph House?

We donate to Joseph House specifically to help with its outpatient substance abuse treatment program. The veterans can remain in treatment while they look for employment, secure long-term housing or pursue an education. Joseph House’s results clearly demonstrate a positive impact in the lives of the individuals they serve and our community at large. Many of its clients are able to find housing and employment and go on to lead happy, healthy lives. Without Joseph House, we do not think these outcomes would have been possible for those individuals. As long as problems with drug use and addiction grip the Cincinnati region, we need places like Joseph House to help fight widespread addiction and drug use.